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As a teenager & young adult living in the fast lane it surely did make me try to lose my mind (as the song says). But then there was a change that occurred in my life in which I am glad to say “I’d like to keep my mind !” Guess that’s why I love 2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. That goes to show me who had control over my mind! Don’t think for a moment that we are not who we hang out with, listen to, read about or look at! I am thankful for a new walk, and a new talk for I once was lost but am now found!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Domestic Engineering 101

For several months we have been trying to get to this monster project (well, I think so anyway)!  Nothing is impossible with my husband and son....lol...guess they are related to GOD!  We purchased the property next door where a beautiful family and a beautiful home once was.  Then came Katrina and washed it away.  We had a shed built on our property and now it's time to move it to the other end of the property line.....dondondondondon! 
Step 1) Bubster to the rescue!  Hercules Jr will attempt to move this puppy by himself....The milk must be working.  (you have to go a couple of posts back to understand why I said this)
Step 2) Fence removed, boards underneath along with roller pipes.  This baby is going roller skating.  Hopefully anyway!


Step 3)  Another day (day 2).......the story continues....so follow along..This shed will be moved soon!
It's out the fence now!  Check out this process below....
Rollerskating shed....here it is!
Mission Accomplished!  (Next, the fence)


  1. Wait I think I know how this ends..... the shed lands on Eric...and all the muchkins run out and sing
    "Ding dong the witch is dead", oh wait nevermind thats the wrong story....

  2. lol You know my husband will have to have the last word on that one......so just hold on missy!